Ever wonder what’s going on with the top names in the best game in the world? Find out here as we ask the greatest minds in baseball about hot topics from around the league.

Aaron Judge“Well it wasn’t even a player… it was Dandy the Yankees mascot from the late seventies. It’s a shame that they had to put him down after he bit that fan. That was a dark day in the Judge household.”

-Aaron Judge, on his favorite player as a child

Logan Morrison

“Well see that’s the thing, in the olden times, fielding gloves were made out of horse leather and whale fat for adhesive. That’s why in the offseason, I spend a lot of time on Japanese whaling ships and Longo (Evan Longoria) slaughters all of the team’s horses. The real world ain’t pretty, kids.”

Logan Morrison, on how to keep the game’s history and traditions alive

Zach Britton

“Closing games is easy. When I get to the mound, I just pretend that the umpire’s wife is in labor, and if he can’t get to the hospital fast enough, he’ll miss his son being born. Then that son will always resent him and their family will live in a broken household full of regrets and alchoholism. Then it’s easy to get the save… I’m no monster.”

Zach Britton, on how he succeeds at his closing duties

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