The Backup Catcher

The Backup Catcher is a baseball podcast that came into being sometime in 2014 against the better judgment of all parties involved and many, many concerned friends and relatives. Created and co-hosted by Van Lee and Brian Vaughan, the podcast remains one of the best places on the internet to hear baseball analysis steeped in real data mixed with spirited discussions of Jeff Foxworthy and hamster organizations.

This site serves as a written word supplement to the audio product, so you can sort of picture it as the podcast’s weird little baby that the podcast then photographs ad nauseam in order to eventually take your social media feeds prisoner. Content unrelated to the podcast will also be housed on this site, as surely you’re hungry for more. Did we mention the hamster organization thing yet?


Van Lee was born in Anaheim, California well before Mike Trout was a glimmer in the eyes of his surely talented parents. Lee relocated to the Springfield, Missouri area as a small child, a fact that he was too young to do anything about at the time. Too tall to do normal people things, Lee spends his time watching the 1985 Harrison Ford vehicle Witness and pretending to possess a doctorate with his two cats, Vladimir Guerrero and Bean.

Brian Vaughan came into this earth immediately as a Missourian, never having known the pleasures of Van’s early tractor-free years. While he now resides in Pennsylvania after deciding to start a rock band a decade after a person is supposed to do things that stupid and reckless, Vaughan’s heart remains in the Midwest thanks to all of the lovely people he knows there. Vaughan enjoys spreadsheets, listening to stuff while playing Peggle, and hanging out with his own cat, Koopa.*

*Van Lee would like it known that Koopa’s meow, while technically emanating from the mouth of a male cat, is far too high-pitched.


Spencer Hendricks once helmed a couple of legendary baseball blogs featuring work by both Van Lee and Brian Vaughan. He is the clubhouse leader in Backup Catcher guest appearances and probably ruined the back half of Bobby Abreu’s career by trading him to Brian during the summer of 2005.

Justin Hughes is super tall and has appeared to rank players for fantasy owners for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. We can’t discuss his place of employment no matter how many jokes it would enable us to make. Hughes is at least 100 years old, married, and deeply infatuated with Hanley Ramirez.

Nathan Dokken is a host of the famed NastyCast, a fantasy baseball podcast people actually listen to. Armed with the best surname and accent in modern history, Dokken once filled in for Brian Vaughan and is a nice enough guy that he would probably suffer through Van’s bullshit once more if he was needed.

Sergio (Surname Unknown) has been with The Backup Catcher from the beginning as a top-notch audio engineer for your beloved hosts. Often maligned by Van and Brian for his pungent odor and unseemly interpersonal skills, Sergio still stands by his men with an unwavering passion exhibited by few in our modern times. Sergio lives in Van’s closet with a few t-shirts and a framed poster of Bret Hart.

John Q. Everyman is apparently some sort of 80s era Soviet communist intent on infiltrating the United States and learning their secrets… via a baseball podcast. He apparently wants to discuss various new-age statistics like TSAR (Totally Saved All them Runs), mighty American oak bats, and his love for all things United States.

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