Season 3 (January 2017-October 2017)

S3, E3: We Kang Do It! (2/24/17): Your favorite miscreants talk about the questionable character of Jung-ho Kang, their 2017 rankings for first base, and why Alex Rodriguez is probably just too fancy for most people.

S3, E4: Rank It Like It’s Hot (3/3/17): The guys rank second basemen for 2017, discuss David Price’s season-threatening injury, and wonder what eating a passport would really taste like.

S3, E5: Spades And Shortstops (3/10/17): The dynamic duo discuss the World Baseball Classic and rank shortstops for 2017, but not before a record-length derailing all because of Rob Schneider. He’s to blame for so, so much.

S3, E6: Getting To Third Base (3/17/17): Van and Brian don’t reach third base often, but every March presents a rare opportunity. In this episode, the hot corner gets examined (ew?), the ABCs segment is unveiled, and Brian basks in his Netherlands pride.

Additional Content:

Van thought it would be nice if fans could access all of the segment drops used in Backup Catcher episodes without having to actually listen to the podcast. Sadly, that probably is the best way to experience this content. Links to YouTube videos for each segment are below.

Dr. Van’s Hall of Pain

General Trivia

Guess Who

James Taylor Quote of the Week

Phil Collins Quote of the Week

Shelly V’s Stud of the Week of the Ever

Triple Slash

Which Is More?

Eventually we’ll add our back catalog of mostly worthless podcasts here. Until then, check out these fun facts about Moises Alou!

  • Moises Alou was actually born in Atlanta, Georgia despite playing his high school baseball in the Dominican Republic.
  • Alou was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates with the second overall pick in the 1986 amateur draft. The honor of 1-1 status went to Jeff Shaw that year, as the Indians were still mired in relative futility.
  • A bunch of other Alous played baseball too.
  • We’re pretty sure he peed on his hands to gain omniscience or something.
  • Alou finished third in MVP balloting twice, but wound up a mere 20th in his best offensive season (2000).
  • Moises Alou made more All-Star teams than you. If we’re wrong, can we borrow some money? We’re probably good for it.
  • Despite featuring characters whose names began with ‘M,’ neither the British or American versions of The Office featured a guest appearance by Moises Alou.
  • Alou actually did tally five plate appearances as a Pirate before joining his dad in Montreal, in case you were wondering.
  • While under the management of his pops during his time as an Expo, Alou was accused of getting the best ice cream flavors after games by a disgruntled Tim Wallach.
  • Much like both Van and Brian, Moises Alou did not play a single professional game in 1999.