Here are some worthwhile ventures our friends are involved in! You should check them out even if they pale in comparison to the staggering work we’re putting out there.

Nasty Cast Fantasy Baseball

Very occasional Backup Catcher guest host, silver medal moose smasher, and all-around sweet dude Nathan Dokken helps run this force of nature. Be an early adopter and subscribe to Nate’s podcast now, lest you be the laughing stock of your friend circle.

Bootu Inc.

Bootu Inc. is the exceedingly stupid but uproariously funny personal site of our very own Van Lee. Here you can find Van’s musings on politics, cats, dating inanimate objects, and whatever else seeps out of his curious brain.

The Slow Descent

The Slow Descent is Brian’s way of talking about music, movies, and television to an empty digital room. When he gets around to posting things (never), they’re full of his patented overthinking and probably a bunch of references to old Replacements lyrics or something.